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our vision

Sea Star Village Preschool and Parent Center envisions a community that
recognizes and embraces the unique opportunity of childhood

our mission

Sea Star Village strives to maximize a child's learning potential and emotional well-being by nurturing secure attachment, sensory awareness and a sense of wonder.  We work in partnership with parents and other caregivers to guide our youngest children on a path toward discovering their own authentic, joyful purpose. 

our philosophy

Our classes combine elements of Waldorf education and RIE (Resources for Infant Educators) principles with modern research on healthy brain development.  For both young children and adults, we provide a warm, home-like environment rich in opportunities for self-discovery through movement, hands-on artistic and practical activities, and being fully present.  For adults, we also offer parent education and community support.  

our inspiration

Sea Star Village was inspired by the work and wisdom of renowned educators and psychologists, especially Rudolf Steiner, Magda Gerber, Erik Erikson, Dan Siegel, Tina Payne Bryson,  John Bowlby, and Joseph Chilton Pearce.  
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"Ideal for the child and society in the best of times, Rudolf Steiner's brilliant process of education is critically needed and profoundly relevant now at this time of childhood crisis and educational breakdown.  Waldorf Education nurtures the intellectual, psychological and spiritual unfolding of the child.  The concerned parent and teacher will find a multitude of problems clearly addressed in this practical, artistic approach."
Joseph Chilton Pearce, Magical Child

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