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Do less, Observe more

Moms, dads, grandmas and babies come to Sea Star Village to enjoy 2 hours of peace and relaxation each Thursday morning. A quiet calm fills the room as we lounge on the floor with comfy pillows. We take Magda Gerber’s advice to do less and observe more. The adults engage in objective observation while the infants actively explore the playroom and each other.

We bring our full attention to the present moment. We sit in awe of what the infants can do. We smile at what they are learning. From this place of wonder and amazement we notice that infants are natural explorers who are motivated by an innate desire to learn thru experience. Experiences become their teachers. Struggling to reach for a toy teaches perseverance. Banging toys together teaches about the various physical properties of objects. Crawling teaches body awareness. Experiences may be repeated until mastered or set aside for another time. We trust that each infant knows best what she or he needs to learn from his or her experience. We merely provide a safe, nurturing space that invites exploration.

Learning arises naturally when babies trust their environment. We are an important part of their environment. By being present and calm, by observing with respect and acceptance, we help the infants feel safe to explore on their own.

Doing less and observing more gives rise to peaceful parents and happy babies.

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