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Winter Spiral 2017

Updated: Feb 12, 2018

Sea Star Village hosted the beautiful seasonal ritual of Winter Spiral this past Saturday.   We are grateful to those who helped prepare the spiral and to all who attended.  

Winter Spiral is a way of remembering.  At this time of the year, as days grow shorter and nights grow longer, as we experience less light and more darkness, we walk the spiral to remember that each of us as individuals can go inward to collect our own inner light and then allow that light to illuminate the darkness.   We can offer our light to others and receive the collective light of our community.

Evergreen boughs are laid out to form a spiral in a darkened room, with one lit candle resting on a tree stump at the center.  One by one, each family, child, or adult walks to the center of the spiral carrying an unlit candle, lights the candle, then walks back out of the spiral, choosing a place along the way to set the newly lit candle.   Slowly the room is illuminated by a gorgeous spiral of candlelight.   This year we enjoyed the music from a single live, acoustic guitar throughout.   The room fills with quiet warmth and peace.

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